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  • Did You Know :
  • Compost in the soil adds essential nutrients and soil micro-organisms
  • Holds moisture, saves you money on your water bill
  • Helps all types of the soils that we have here in the Clover, SC areas.
  • Helps reduce chemicals needed
  • Helps loosens clay soils so air and water can penetrate
  • Helps sandy soils retain moisture and nutrients
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Reduces some plant diseases
  • Increases infiltration
  • Use in your lawns or vegetable garden and flower beds

Mulch Clover, SC / Compost Clover, SC

Clover, SC CompostFor the highest quality Clover, SC mulch and compost Clover, SC products available in the Clover, SC metro area, contact Sanders Hauling. We specialize in quality mulch and compost Clover, SC products derived from local / regional wood waste recycling systems.

We strive to provide our customers with the best products at the lowest prices. From purchase to delivery, we are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service.



Our suppliers use make some of the best Compost Clover, SC available on the market today.

  • Delivery 22 tons at a time to your home.
  • Quick, safe and easy method to spread your Clover, SC Compost.
  • No damage to adjacent property or landscape features.
  • Experienced Drivers with a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Fully Insured Service Company. References upon request.

Products and Services:

  • Commercial and Residential Properties
  • Landscape mulch Clover, SC
    • Hardwood mulch Clover, SC
    • Pine bark mulch Clover, SC
    • Cypress mulch Clover, SC
    • Dyed / colored mulch Clover, SC options
  • Compost Blankets and Compost Clover, SC Eco-Seeding Uses
    • Refresh Soil Profile Organics
    • Lawn Renovation and Top Dressing
    • Various Seeding Options
    • Slope stabilization
    • Low cost sod alternative

Compost use can result in a variety of environmental benefits. The following are a few of the most important benefits:

Compost enriches soils

Compost has the ability to help regenerate poor soils. The composting process encourages the production of beneficial micro-organisms (mainly bacteria and fungi) which in turn break down organic matter to create humus. Humus—a rich nutrient-filled material—increases the nutrient content in soils and helps soils retain moisture. Compost has also been shown to suppress plant diseases and pests, reduce or eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers, and promote higher yields of agricultural crops.

Compost helps cleanup (remediate) contaminated soil

The composting process has been shown to absorb odors and treat semivolatile and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including heating fuels, polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and explosives. It has also been shown to bind heavy metals and prevent them from migrating to water resources or being absorbed by plants. The compost process degrades and, in some cases, completely eliminates wood preservatives, pesticides, and both chlorinated and nonchlorinated hydrocarbons in contaminated soils.

Compost helps prevent pollution

Composting organic materials that have been diverted from landfills ultimately avoids the production of methane and leachate formulation in the landfills. Compost has the ability to prevent pollutants in stormwater runoff from reaching surface water resources. Compost has also been shown to prevent erosion and silting on embankments parallel to creeks, lakes, and rivers, and prevents erosion and turf loss on roadsides, hillsides, playing fields, and golf courses.

Using compost offers economic benefits

Using compost can reduce the need for water, fertilizers, and pesticides. It serves as a marketable commodity and is a low-cost alternative to standard landfill cover and artificial soil amendments. Composting also extends municipal landfill life by diverting organic materials from landfills and provides a less costly alternative to conventional methods of remediating (cleaning) contaminated soil.


How much Compost Clover, SC, Clover, SC Compost, Mulch Compost Clover, SC or material will I need?

Measure and Calculate Area of Bed(s):

Length (ft.) x Width (ft.) = Area (Square Feet or sq.ft.)

Mulch/Material Calculation:

Area (sq.ft.) x 0.0031 = (X) Cubic Yards (for a 1 inch coverage)

(X ) Cubic Yards x Depth (Inches) = TOTAL Cu.Yds. Needed


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